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Our mission is to make it accessible for all to create a great design. The key to this is our factories. Associations have made our research team very serious, working only with the workshops that meet our strict standards.

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The size of the furniture design until the middle of the century is in the combination of craftsmanship to mass production ideas. Prices such as furniture could be cheap MoMA design competition without any technology facility. But the necessary innovations and difficulties in obtaining quality materials have created an expensive process. This technology is easily reproduced by our experts in advanced factories. We are closely committed to the specifications of the original designs; Materials and construction with precision. And working with these factories, we can offer a much more favorable price.

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All factories we work with offer fair wages and operate sustainable environmental practices. We insist on strict quality control protocols and have our own team directly responsible for the work personally supervise. Decades of experience in manufacturing mean that each piece is carefully evaluated and manufactured under conditions that meet our high expectations. This is an essential part of what makes us unique and we take it very seriously.

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They get fast-paced designs and never mind about the quality or conditions they produce. Without compromising our belief in a fair wage and skilled labor, we will produce beautiful furniture that will continue far into the future. STIN personal participation in our workshops and strict quality assurance process so that you can buy with confidence. At the heart of our approach is to establish a relationship of trust, which in turn can count on us.

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