Superior quality


Quality is the foundation of our business and the test at two points within our supply chain. You can buy with confidence that our materials will always be difficult, our production will be the state of the art and at the same time always meet the quality of the original design.


We choose only the best materials for our upholstery such as Italian leather or premium soft New Zealand cashmere.

Sewing products are handmade with immediate care and attention to detail. Design complex to take a day to complete.


Each of our many forests Sumida carefully controlled hard to ensure that use and specifications are the original.


Our plastics and fibreglass are produced to modern guidelines and dyed during manufacture in order to create a long lasting colour.


STIN Each model starts with high quality components and then uses high quality production methods as well, but it can help extend the life of their designs by following our maintenance manual.

Our service team of dedicated and friendly service is there to help you. In the unlikely event of a problem, we guarantee 10 years.

Care for your designs

Packaging and Shipping

We have the same care and precision in our packaging as we do in manufacturing our products. Depending on the size and weight of the item, we use the card rigid packaging or wood.

After a second quality inspection in the warehouse STIN our specialist partners, who have specialized in the storage of high-quality furniture, inform you that your order is ready for collection. We will ensure that your order is ready for collection when your logistics service provider has decided.


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