Our people share a passion for fine furniture

Creative. Driven. Passionate. What makes our team. These are people who do what STIN is. We are not all designers. Photographers O. completely Some of us lack skills drawing. But we all appreciate good design. When our powers are words or numbers, codes, or customer service, that is what connects us. And we want to share with all our customers to help create houses more elegantly.

Creative thinking and initiative goes a long way here. The development of our content, the ability to change our passion for design into an effective platform for delivery to the world, is what makes our team stand out and stand out from the crowd.

We appreciate the hard work of people who care about the manufacture of our company can be the best for our customers and ourselves. And those who share our vision, great design available to all.


As we strive to develop our business further and improve, we look for those who bring by adding our growing society of diverse and talented people differently to the team.

Do you think you would be a good way for us? For more information about how to join the team, please visit our career.

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