For Scandinavian design furniture, we do not just want the design of the entire threshold from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

The modern Scandinavian style refers to a certain historical moment and stylistic approach. This approach is defined by attitudes towards the design of modern furnishings focused on beauty, function and availability. In the post-war period, each country was occupied with questions of social change, cultural and social upheaval and expanding populations who demanded high-quality furniture and homes.

Dealing with these problems, modern Scandinavian design integrates distinctive variations in each region, but there are also commonalities and common attitudes. It is based on cost-effective materials, sustainable and balanced technical innovation, aesthetics deceptively simple. Organic shapes influenced by nature and sculpture combined with the ideal of mass production and high-quality production plant.

These models were revolutionary and were very popular success. There have been several waves designers identified with the movement, and in recent decades has been a neo-critical style that has become incredibly popular. It is not hard to believe. The influence of designers such as Alvar Aalto, Hans J. Wegner and Arne Jacobsen never disappeared in the fields of design and ideal for urban life is always relevant in the twenty-first century.

Essential elements of the Scandinavian style and some of our favorite models:


The most important aspect of designing modern Scandinavian furniture is the attitude towards matter. Craftsmanship, strength and durability were the key when the wood is the dominant material. Wood is not only widespread in post-war Scandinavia, but offers natural and organic shapes that are looking for designers. It allows for easy construction products to be easily transported and beads in color variations. The finest wood furniture is often coupled with cashmere fat, as in the work of Arne Jacobsen. Free wood designer exciting and versatile material, but also linked to their belief in craftsmanship patients and meticulous kind of wood.


Winter, summer, and can sometimes be very dark in Scandinavia. To maximize the light, Scandinavian style emphasizes always white tones and simple color patterns. Pure White makes light and matching warm floors perfect. Finn Juhl was especially fond of primary colors shade of the golden wood. Cooler, soft colors are used to create luster, but also versatility in decor. Neutral tones such as gray, can create a quiet and distinctive environment, while feeling much natural light as possible deviations.


But your dark winter white space to paint them inevitably catch. Thus, the Scandinavian style also distinguished demanding lamps and lighting solutions in designing things to keep light. Alvar Aalto, Greta Grossman and Poul Henningsen a sensation in the Scandinavian design beautiful lamps, which embodies the ideas of modern design in the middle of the century and the unique features of the Scandinavian style. These stylish lamps provide a dull glow with the amalgam of white colors and contact points for super stylish interior design. The light is never obtrusive, but improves subtle the decor gives the tone


One of the most distinctive features of modern Scandinavian design is clean geometry. Parallel traces, combined with straight edges and small details finishing. The background image or surplus was rejected to produce accurate figures. Design complexity and sophisticated manufacturing processes are hidden, which at first glance looks like a formal simplicity. For example, Hans J. Wegner leads the formal balance in combination with the exact angle and carpentry in an elegant charming effect. For this reason, the Scandinavian style includes numerous storage solutions; Beautiful furniture hold must be clear and minimal.


Although the formal and aesthetic problems in the Scandinavian style are very important, function and purpose are considered as equal. The parts must be versatile, comfortable and strong enough to go through the various generations and applications. They have been developed to be directly connected to the requirements of the Scandinavian home, but also a timeless design that will continue far into the future.


Perhaps the most important aspect of Scandinavian style is accessibility. These designs were determined to be seen by all, and they were designed to be affordable. Construction of high quality materials always corresponds to the world's lowest price. These parts have been designed for people and meet the needs of the masses, while an unforgettable one. They were designed by all to be enjoyed. With STIN.com these pieces of the mid-century furniture can be noticeable once your home.


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