Design trends come and go, but it is consistently repeated the test of time, season and the frivolous manner. Fashion and interior designers are constantly looking to create the most impressive and innovative designs and is often the work of everyone. The world of fashion and design can be a long way from his room, but with a little help from fashion concepts can be easily integrated to create beautiful living spaces.

Take a look at some of our favorite styles of any way and interior architecture. Also, check that a handful of our favorite bloggers and designers think of what you think of our demo recognition, as well as his ideas on how to achieve these goals is stylish.


The soft tones are a favorite track every season. New York to Paris, men and women, is no place free of certain actions in pastel colors. Although partly feel a return to the style icons of the 70s, cakes still relaxed and refreshed in a modern house. These colors create a quiet and serene atmosphere and can be installed in under-estimated, they rely on white. The cakes have always been popular among the designers of Scandinavian furniture, so we have a number of gentle tones to get you in the trend.


Monochromatic pallets have long dominated the interior design, but recently this black and white contrast complex model, which has become more important in the clothing collections. On the podium, which is a bold statement in your home, the white and black suit creates a sense of space and organization. It is easy to create a striking piece of shortcut. The lounges are the obvious area to use, but we also saw an increase in the bathrooms and bedrooms that achieve amazing effects.


Placed the color a space to brighten, but a little timid, why not just a brilliant wall? Dark blue and deep reds model denim everywhere and we also see designers take risks related to yellow. These colors are heated make-up accents and unmistakable pieces of the center, but can also incorporate a subtle way of his home textiles. Affordable Charles Eames chairs are the best way to play with bright colors, but always more sophisticated.


While reflective materials and abstract metallic tones are seen in the interior architecture for a long time, the style has often intimidated designers. Fortunately, we see mixed with khaki and metal aperture effects at home to create copper. Watches inspired by George Nelson Xavier Pauchard Tolix and range of silver are particularly effective means to achieve it. They can also be sublimated with traditional wood materials.


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