February 16, 2019

2332 Two-seater Sofa- Inspired by Borge Mogensen

by stin

The classic masterpiece Scandinavian design, the 2332 sofa is the perfect example of Borge Mogensen techniques and designing skills. The minimalist design with a modern touch and clearly defined line can complete the look of any living room. It has padded cushion to provide the comfort that you want. Relax and be seated on the 2232 two-seater sofa. This sofa is available in 8 different shades. Pick your favourite and make your home look elegant.

  • Inspired by the classic Scandinavian sofa built by Borge Mogensen in 1971
  • Has the timeless appeal and extremely comfortable
  • Available in 8 different colours
  • You can also buy the matching 2334 armchair as well

Buy the Borge Mogensen 2332 2-seater sofa set for your home and bring the timeless appeal. Borge followed the principle of minimalist design and elegance, and we walked in his footsteps. Although he passed away in October 1972, but he left his designs for us.

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