December 10, 2017

A Flattery Noguchi Cyclone Table Will Brighten Your Home

by stin

With multiple use of this furniture, one can make full benefit of this furniture. This round shaped black table is not an ordinary one; it is finely designed by Isamu Noguchi and also is unique in its architecture at its base. It has crises crossed appearance as the base that is strong and supports the upper part of it very strongly. It serves great functionality, either as a coffee table or just to relax with a book. Their sweeping rod forming spiral upwards is in the form of a dramatic cyclone, and this is the reason it is named as ‘cyclone table’. Available in black color, it renders a classy look to be placed on the center of a room. The upper round portion and the base is made up of wood and the center part is made up of metal making it over all stronger and long lasting furniture.