May 5, 2018

A masterpiece Corona chair to increase the elegance in your room

by stin

A Danish furniture designer Paul Volther is the creator of this beautiful masterpiece. The Corona chair was liked very much and its popularity made it a part of many TV shows, movies and music videos. It has 4 individual parts which have been placed on a stainless steel frame. The material used for the Corona chair is rich Aniline leather and the chair is available in many colors. You can get the chair upholstered in either soft cashmere wool or semi-aniline leather. This makes the chair resistant to stains and you can use it to flaunt your style in whichever room you want.  Designed in the year 1954 many people feel that the design of the chair was inspired by the Moon and its eclipse. The back of the chair is strongly influenced by the theme but still provides a strong support to your backbone. The back of the chair looks as if it has been designed on the backbone of a human and it does fulfill its purpose well.