December 5, 2017

A Perfect Wing Chair with an Attractive Design

by stin

Who would not like to spend a whole day in a relaxed chair with his or favorite book in the living room or a balcony? This replica Wegner Wing chair is a flawlessly designed piece of furniture that has a perfect width, height and area to settle down.  It is inspired by Hans J. Wegner, who is a Danish furniture designer. This unit is available in six different colors and different materials including aniline leather, premium leather or soft cashmere. All of these are high quality materials, highly durable and long lasting. This wing chair sets a contemporary look perfectly matching your dream house.

It is easy to clean, a soft lightly damp cloth can be used to wipe any dirt or one can make use of blotting paper in case of any spills.

This piece of good looking furniture is shipped by Stin at fastest time and it comes with 10 years guarantee against any manufacturing defects. With careful packaging and handling, we ensure it reaches you at optimum condition.