December 22, 2021

Take Advantage of Modern Elegance with a Cover Table

by stin

Are you looking for a table that will add a stunning touch to your entire interior? The sword table is very well processed with smooth curves and a strong metal frame, which offers the perfect combination of functionality and durability. It has a very simple and modern contemporary design. Its stunning, curved elliptical legs, combined with the sloping bottom at the top, give this value table a minimalist look. It is perfect for places that you want to look extraordinary.

In addition, the Scimitar table can be adjusted 43 cm above the floor and is perfect for offices, living rooms, conference rooms, living rooms, and any other area you want to make a special appearance. It is usually available in three versions: white, walnut, and gray and offers comfortable seating for 6 people. You can choose between 2 different legs, either in polished chrome or glossy white.