July 27, 2018

Alvar Aalto creates the perfect lamp for your bedroom

by stin

Designed by Alvar Aalto the Beehive lamp was first introduced in the year 1953. Available in black or white colours the lamp is made of a combination of glass and brass. Inspired by the shape of a beehive the lamp looks elegant and good to fit anywhere. The beehive lamp uses five different interlocked shades which helps the light to diffuse and presents a wonderful effect of lighting. Hanging from a centrepiece the lamp has the ability to produce a warm glow. This makes the beehive lamp a permanent item that you can sport in the centre of your living room. A classic example of humanist modernism the beehive lamp is a beautiful design which focuses on functionality as well. Totally following its original design the beehive lamp looks as close to a beehive as possible and once in your home it invokes nature’s goodness as close as possible.