July 25, 2018

Arne Jacobsen’s designed comfortable and good looking swan sofa

by stin

Arne Jacobson’s offering Swan sofa was first launched in the year 1958 and has been a favourite ever since. With floweycurves, the Swan sofa has been designed on the outline of a Swan just like its name suggests. Provided in leather or Cashmere the sofa can be found in many colours and you can choose any that suits you. Swan sofa comes with an elegant bow in the seat and has a rounded backrest which provides ample style and comfort to the users. You can clearly see how the sofa has been proportioned to fit two people and the way it follows the shape of your body provides you with great relaxation. To make it sturdy enough the sofa has been set on a stainless base which also adds up to the overall look of it. There is a grainy look to the leather used and with time the swan sofa starts looking better than before.