December 10, 2021

Bar Lighting - A Great Choice for Diffusing Under Light

by stin

This ceiling lamp is a rod-mounted chandelier designed based on the logarithm of a multi-screen reflection system to direct most of the light downwards. This steam light can be your choice if you want to hang the trailer at a lower height and is ideal for areas such as restaurants. The chrome-plated structure of the lamp plate has three small lamps suspended above the vapor and is from the PH lamp family, which is why it is also called the PH 2/1 rod. The lampshade of the rod clamp is made of hand-blown opal three-layer glass. The specialty of this glass is glossy on the top and sandblasted on the bottom, which makes the room look comfortable. The lamp is polished on the outside to give it a beautiful look while the inside is glazed to create a diffused soft glow.