December 3, 2017

Beautify Your Home with Black Colored Metal PH 3-2½ Wall Lamp

by stin

This skillfully crafted wall mounted lamp will add a unique charm to your home décor that will be difficult to ignore. You can get rid of the boring regular lights and add zing of style to illuminate your rooms with warm and glare-free lightning. This PH 3-2½ wall lamp has a combined look of a traditional gaslight combined with contemporary functionality and innovative designing. PH stands for Paul Henningsen who is known to be the world’s first lightning architect.

 This beautiful wall lamp can be used indoors. Diffusing light downwards, this three-tier shade lamp ensures uniform light distribution with the matt underside. Available in black or white, it is sturdy and durable made up of metal with perfect width, height and depth i.e. 33.6 cm, 24 cm and 28.3 cm respectively. It has a vintage appeal bringing in a transition in décor. We have been able to win our customers with its designing and high quality.