July 26, 2018

Bedside tables to provide you simple storage and add to your rooms glamour

by stin

A design originated in 1954 the bedside tables have been inspired by designer Xavier Pauchard. Made of powder coated stainless steel these tables are good for both indoor as well as outdoor usage. The tables are pretty attractive yet sleek and you can get them in rich colours like red, black and white. Quite versatile you can use these bedside tables in more than one ways. Easy to transport shift them whenever you feel the need arising. The tables have been provided with a powdery finish and most people fall in love with its exotic looks. Its modernist looks blend with any kind of settings and you can be assured of it fitting in perfectly with both contemporary and traditional home settings. One of the central pieces of the designer’s career the bedside tables look elegant and the colours can be picked up according to where you want them to be.