March 9, 2019

Bent Butterfly Stool- Bring In Beauty And Style To Your Home

by stin

The beautiful Bent Butterfly Stool is inspired by SoriYanagi. This design is from 1954. Stin gives you 10 years of guarantee on their bent butterfly stool and they have catered successfully to ore than 300.000 people. This stool is made for people who appreciates craftmanship and art. This beautiful masterpiece will be a great addition to your home.

  • 10 years of guarantee
  • Bent Butterfly Stool is inspired by SoriYanagi
  • This stoolwas first designed in the year 1954
  • Available in walnut colour

Bring in this beautiful Bent Butterfly Stool which was designed in 1954. It looks sophisticated and will undoubtedly enhance the charm of any room. You can lay back and feel relax. This masterpiece is stylish and a versatile piece of furniture. Keep it in the bathroom, in front of the dressing table or the end of the bedroom.

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