June 22, 2021

Buy AJ Table Lamp Online Inspired By Arne Jacobsen

by stin

Inspired by Arne Jacobsen, the AJ Table lamp is an iconic design Created for the royal hotel in the 1960s, this elegant piece looks modern as well as stylish. The innovative design and minimalistic look of this AJ lamp will transform your normal space into an elegant space. Available in a range of bright colors, so that you can choose according to your preference. It is Part of the Arne Jacobsen AJ Lighting series alongside the Arne Jacobsen AJ Wall Lamp and the Arne Jacobsen AJ Floor Lamp. The most adaptable of the Arne Jacobsen AJ lighting family, the Arne Jacobsen AJ Table light doesn't need any hard-wiring and it is easily portable because of its lightweight plan. Keeping up every one of the highlights that made Arne Jacobsen's unique so alluring, our STIN plan AJ Table light consummately catches all its retro appeal and utilitarian magnificence. The base was initially proposed to hold an ashtray, however, on these better occasions, it is more normally seen as a particular plan include.