March 10, 2021

Buy, DSW TABLE for your kids at Stin

by stin

If you are looking for a table for your children that not just suits their needs, but also enhances the play area, then DSW Table is the best product in that case. This table has been designed by Charles Eames, who pioneered new techniques and came up with furniture products that are best in their category. This table comes with an iconic Eiffel frame and golden wood legs that give it a designer and stable structure.

As this table is inspired by Eames, Stin has followed the steps of Charles Eames but has given size and structure that is suitable for children.

Features of DSW Table

  • Comes with an Eiffel frame that adds upto the strength and looks of the table
  • It is built with the best quality of wood that makes it durable and versatile
  • The fiberglass used to create this table gives it a great design and gloss finish

Here at Stin, you will only find furniture products that are durable and are made of the best quality of raw materials. Both the quality of the products and their design are given importance to give out a product that fulfills all the needs of the customers.

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