June 1, 2021

Buy Eileen Gray E1027 Side Table Online

by stin

The Eileen Gray E1027 Coffee Table was designed in the 1920s by Eileen Gray for the guesthouse bedroom of a summer house in France, which she built with her lover, Jean Badovici. It is a perfect side table to Eileen Gray's Bibendum Chair

The design of the EILEEN GRAY E1027 SIDE TABLE is so unique that it still looks as modern and stylish today as it did nearly a century ago. Our STIN adaptation remains consistent with both as far as quality and functionality are concerned. The glass top is stronger and safer than regular glass and can be raised to different heights to suit your needs. This is a perfectly stylish and versatile table that fits perfectly next to any chair. The different structure and style of this table make it unique from other side tables. Add this beautifully simple piece of the table to your space and bless your eyes with the look.

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