December 16, 2021

Buy Online Eileen Gray E1027 Side Table

by stin

There are many places in the house that need a desk, but when you are limited on space, the thought remains on your mind. There is something waiting to be given the perfect décor with respect to most of your little empty space. This stunning table was designed in the 1920s and is called the Eileen gray e1027 side table. Equipped with an elegant glass plate and stainless steel frame. Despite having an elegant space, it always gives an extraordinary look to a small space.

In addition, the Eileen gray e1027 side table can be used "over the knee" while seated. Can be used as a bedside table or side table from time to time. It is universal; user can lift it to different height from 560mm - 920mm. Plus, the glass top is stronger and more durable, and the chrome-plated tubular steel frame fits into any chair or bed.