August 14, 2021

Buy Serge Mouille Table Lamp at

by stin

Our splendid and outstanding Serge Mouille-inspired Table Lamp bears its originator's signature stick creepy crawly-like profile and trademark tightened iron legs, making it a smooth, trendy expansion to any table setting, be it an easygoing end table or more conventional eating region. Cutting a modern moderate profile, while as yet flaunting rich natural bends, its completely movable shade permits you to adjust and change the enlightenment to any point or state of mind. The Serge Mouille Table Lamp offers a sleek look, featuring a slender sloping arm set into a round base. It is a stylish addition to any table setting.

Shop at and add this iconic piece to your space. STIN offers 10 years guarantee on every product with High-quality materials.