August 3, 2021

Buy Stin Eames Rocking Chair Online

by stin

The famous timeless Charles Eames RAR Rocker chair is the ideal combination of modern and traditional, with its lustrous plastic and fiberglass shell and wooden bended rockers. Our best quality furniture version is pretty much as wonderful as the original. The bent seat is shaped from top-notch fiberglass and plastic and arrives in a selection of tones to suit each home. The Eiffel tower motivated legs are a novel element of Charles Eames' style of the plan and offer uniform help for the body's weight. The rockers have a smooth movement and are accessible in oak wood. Its Comfortable waterfall seat edge reduces pressure on thighs. Eames rocking chair is a simple, beautiful, classic form that looks great in any setting.

Shop at and add this iconic piece to your home or space. STIN offers 10 years guarantee on every product with High-quality materials.