August 9, 2021

Buy Stin Poul Kjaerholm Inspired PK11 chair Online

by stin

An architectural PK-11 armchair having an exposed and dramatically engineered three-legged frame of brushed steel that supports curved laminated ash backrest and gently curved seat retaining the original leather.

STIN offers a highly accurate reproduction of Poul Kjaerholm's PK11 Chair in a sleek, multimedia design that makes a bold style statement while offering everyday function. The Three-Legged Stainless Steel Base establishes a moderate vibe while guaranteeing sturdy help and steadiness. A padded and bent seat enclosed by smooth, tough leather guarantees extravagant solace. Essentially exquisite, these dining chairs are certain to dazzle. This seat gives is a magnum opus of craftsmanship and offers a genuine expression in any room.

Shop at and add this iconic piece to your home or space. STIN offers 10 years guarantee on every product with High-quality materials.