August 15, 2021

Buy Stin Series 7 Armchair Online

by stin

Shaped to suit the human structure, the Series 7 Chair has a back that offers the perfect measure of giving, a seat with bends in the appropriate spots, and a cascade front edge that upholds your legs without squeezing into them.

The Series 7 Armchair offers structure and capacity. The seat is etched to follow the normal bends of the human body with a cascade seat edge for expanded solace. Produced using a solitary piece of shaped pressed wood, the seat's free-streaming structure exhibits Jacobsen's adoration for innovation, and toning it down would be an ideal methodology. Lightweight and stackable, the chair is an adaptable piece that can be utilized cycle a dining table or in a workspace. It very well may be consolidated to extraordinary impact with the Series 7 Chair.

Shop at and add this iconic piece to your home or space. STIN offers 10 years guarantee on every product with High-quality materials.