August 21, 2021

Buy Stin Verner Panton Inspired - Panton Cone Chair Online

by stin

Originally designed for a Danish restaurant, by Verner Panton, the cone chair takes its shape from the classic geometric figure for which it is named. With seat shell in glass fiber reinforced plastic laminate, lightly padded with polyurethane foam and cover with fabric. Stainless steel cruciform swivel base, satin finish, with plastic glides.

The design profession of Verner Panton arrived at its first top close to the furthest limit of the 1950s. With a furniture series dependent on straightforward geometrical shapes, Panton expected components of Pop Art, while likewise imitating the class of Scandinavian Modernism in the execution of the bases. The most renowned plans from this series are the Cone Chair and the Heart Cone Chair.

Our amiable reproduction of the cone seat impeccably replicates the exceptional original design. A great expansion to your room, the cone seat will astonish your visitors and will give new life to your room, spreading a retro appeal. Shrouded in cashmere and accessible in many tones, this is the seat you need in your grasp.