August 22, 2021

Buy Stin Wing Chair Online

by stin

The Wing Chair is a high-backed, upholstered armchair with a stainless steel frame. Hans J. Wegner’s expertise in sculptured design and demand for quality craftsmanship is clearly expressed in this dramatic-looking chair. It is a completely upholstered armchair that lays on a tempered steel outline. The rocker, with its unmistakable lines and lovely seating solace, is a fine illustration of how a high-supported easy chair ought to be as indicated by Wegner. Under the upholstery, there is a strong beech outline that invigorates the seat and toughness. The exact shape and thickness of the upholstery are painstakingly picked so the seat can best help all pieces of the body. The seat and backrest are developed to offer agreeable help for the back, shoulders, neck, and head in various sitting positions. The thin, round hardened steel of the casing has front legs that slant somewhat forward while the back legs jut far in reverse so the seat, despite its leaning back position, won't spill. Four little steel cone-formed components connect the upper piece of the seat with the edge. Every leg has a steel shoe connected to keep the seat from sliding.

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