February 20, 2019

Buy the Finn Juhl Baker Sofa to make your room stand out from others

by stin

The Finn Juhl Baker Sofa is an exact replica of the iconic 1951 original and makes a bold statement in any house that it goes to. A perfect example of art and design merging together, the Finn Juhl Baker Sofa can enliven even the drabbest of interior spaces with its seductive curves and bright colours.

  • Similar in style to the sumptuous Poet Sofa
  • Replica of the classic 1951 design
  • Separate headrest is eye-catching feature
  • 10 years guarantee

The Baker sofa consists of two padded sections, held together by a strong wooden frame and it challenges the traditional notions of what a sofa form and shape should be. The built ensures that it is scientifically the perfect lounging angle and the radiant colours ensure that they are contemporary even today.

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