February 19, 2019

Buy the Poet Sofa to Bring Out the Creative inside You

by stin

One of the most popular and versatile designs created by the brilliant sensualist designer Finn Juhl in 1941 this iconic chair with its organic form and refined aesthetics brings a calmness to any environment. Each part of the sofa is handmade and the legs of the sofa are made from solid Chinese Alder.

  • Same luxurious design from 1941
  • Hand crafted
  • Solid wood frame
  • 10 years guarantee
  • Available in two colours - Black and Dark Grey

The original poet sofa was made in 1941 and it can be still found in Juhl’s home in Copenhagen.  To buy the Poet Sofa inspired by Finn Juhl, login to https://www.www.stin.com/sofas/the-poet-sofa.html and avail 75 % discount which is not possible if purchased through other providers.