October 22, 2018

Captivate Your Surroundings with Egg Stool of Arne Jacobsen

by stin

The Egg Stool was designed to prove the Arne Jacobsen that a chair should have a balance of looking both functional and elegant. This required perspective has completed by designing the Egg Stool which is comfortable as well as designed with the highest quality materials. It has a polished stainless steel cross base as well as comfortable wheels that can be dragged to any location.

  • Choice of aniline leather or cashmere or SEMI-ANILINE LEATHER
  • Perfect for all interiors as available in different colors like Black, Brown, Camel, White, Dark Brown, Red, Sand

One can say that that overall appearance of Egg Stool seems so futuristic as well as it is perfect to place in kid’s rooms as well. They will like it as they can enjoy enough with it by sitting, standing, etc. you can purchase it from www.www.stin.com @ 75% discount.