February 26, 2019

Chairs by STIN - Inspired By the Best

by stin

There are chairs and then there are chairs made by Stin, classic and iconic chairs which continue to leave their mark in the world of architecture and design. Originally designed by such legendary names as Eames, Wegner, Jacobsen and Panton, Stin.com is proud to bring these designs to life in their replica forms so that your house gets the same benefits of form and functionality that these chairs have been providing since their inception. Create a lasting impression on visitors with statement armchairs and sofas such as the Egg, Teddy Bear chair or the Corona. Get moved by the practicality of an Eames DSW chair or a Panton chair or simply showcase a classic such as the Y chair. Whatever your choice there is a range of armchairs, bar stools and dining chairs to choose from.

10 years guarantee

  • High-quality materials
  • More than 300000 satisfied customers

To buy from our varied collection of classic and contemporary chairs, login in to https://www.www.stin.com/chairs.html and get it get it at discounts ranging from 50 % to 75 % which is not possible if purchased through other providers.