July 14, 2018

Charles Eames brings an elegant chair to add to the glamour of your room

by stin

The Eames DSR chair was designed by designer Charles Eames and was first introduced in the year 1948. This new chair has been given a complete change; however, maintaining its Eiffel tower shaped legs and the famous shape that made it so popular in the first place. The material which has been used in making the Eames DSR chair is shiny fibreglass and matte plastic. Just like the original version the chair maintains its contoured markings. These markings reflect where exactly the legs of the chair are meeting the material used. The chair was designed with an ergonomic and comfortable style in mind and all the latter versions have also reinforced the same belief. To make things easy for the user the Eames DSR chair has been given a deep seat pocket along with a curved high back. The waterfall style of seat edge gives a comfortable feel to the chair leading to it getting so many followers.