January 9, 2018

Charlottenborg lamp - Ample Light to That Little Extra Room

by stin

Charlottenborg lamp is designed first for or the exhibition hall Charlottenborg in Copenhagen hence got the name. The lamp is suitable for both high and low mounting. The ceiling lamp looks great offering wonderful diffusion of light. Having the lamp installed in the room makes the look both cozy and airy and it is certainly a design fit for streaming ample light for king size rooms.    The lamp is framed on four sides with white painted metal. They are a very practical option for providing illumination in any part of the home and goes well with the rooms that have lower ceiling too. They can fit right when you have that little extra room which is in darkness due to lack of ample lighting from normal ceiling lights. Charlottenborg ceilings are right solutions for space whether you are looking to bind your kitchen with the plenty lighting or ample light for the hallways.