December 7, 2021

Charlottenborg Lamp - Enough Light For This Extra Small Room

by stin

The Charlottenborg lamp was first designed for the Charlottenborg exhibition hall in Copenhagen, true to its name. The luminaries are suitable for both high and low installations. Ceiling lights look great and offer great light diffusion. The presence of lights installed in the room makes the display comfortable and spacious and of course suitable for creating sufficient light flux for a large room. The lamp is framed on four sides with white lacquered metal. They are a very practical choice for lighting up any part of the house and fit well into rooms with lower ceilings. They can be just right when you have a little extra room that is darkened by the lack of light from a regular ceiling light. Charlottenborg ceilings are the perfect solution for any room, whether you want to connect your kitchen with lots of light or enough light for the hallway.