April 14, 2018

Choosing a Panton Chair for Kids with an Organic Design and Subtle Color

by stin

Artistically designed Panton chair provides a special care for their spines. It is moulded from a single sheet of tough plastic material that provides it a lovely look. It is dyed with long lasting and vibrant color that appeals to everyone. Its design is influenced by Scandinavian furniture and provides maximum comfort to the body. It can easily bear weight of all highly energetic children who are playful all the time. It helps them to relax and spend some time at one place doing their favorite activity. Any living room or kid’s room can look very stylish with its addition. Having seating height- 30 cm, width: 39 cm, height: 56 cm and depth: 33 cm, this piece of furniture is a self supporting chair. Innovatively created by architect, Verner Panton used contemporary techniques to design it and chose colors consciously depicting meaning and function.