October 24, 2021

Designer the Cavour Desk Online Now

by stin

The Cavour table is inspired by Carlo Molino. It looks exactly like the original. The desk is equipped with thick flat glass, light wood, and several storage compartments to keep important documents and items in place. The connection between the modernist approach and art creates the perfect masterpiece that every home should have. It has an unusual angelic, straight, and curved shape, and has a fan that looks very distinctive.

  • An accurate reproduction of Carlo Mollino's architectural office The Cavour Desk.
  • Sturdy and strong glass plate.
  • Fits well with Scandinavian and Italian design traditions.

You will need to purchase a Cavour desk to create a distinctive and professional look for your home office. You can also keep it in your office. We let you decide where you think the Cavour table is the perfect fit.

To purchase a Carlo Molino-inspired Cavour table, visit https://www.www.stin.com/the-cavour-desk.html and enjoy 75% off.