January 27, 2019

EA 109 Office Chair - Craftsmanship at Its Best

by stin

The EA 109 Office Chair is inspired Charles Eames. It comes with premium quality covers and adjustable height which gives you the comfort that your body requires while you work. The only difference is it will bring in more luxury to your house. The aluminium handle is lightweight and lightly padded leather seat gives ergonomic support.

  • EA 109 Office Chair is inspired by Charles Eames
  • It is made keeping in mind the 1958 design
  • EA 109 Office Chair is available in 6 different colours
  • It is ideal for home office or any room
  • Comes with premium quality leather

Buy Charles Eames inspired EA 109 Office Chair which will easily take your body’s shape to keep you comfortable all day long. This design was initially create for outdoor purpose and soon people started using it for indoor settings.

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