January 28, 2019

EA 222 Soft Pad Group Chair For Those Who Seek Class

by stin

The perfect marriage of office lounge chair EA 222 Soft Pad group Chair is ideal for any home. An unforgettable 20th century design speaks so much about class and elegance. It looks sleek and is lightweight and the mildly padded backrest gives the comfort that your body requires. It comes with supporting back rest and tilted lounging angle create a classy look.

  • EA 222 Soft Pad Group Chair is inspired by Charles Eames
  • Available in multiple colours
  • You can use it as a lounge or an office chair

If you are looking for a comfortable chair which symbolizes style, buy the EA 222 Soft Pad Group Chair which is inspired by no one else but Charles Eames. It gives extra comfort and security. The slighted tilted angle takes the shape of your back to give you extra comfort.

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