March 20, 2021

Eames Elliptical Coffee Table

by stin

Are you someone who splurged on their dream large sofa and now is struggling to find the perfect table to match it? Then the Eames Elliptical Coffee Table by Stin is the one for you. It is made with wood, and its color is white is adds to the aesthetic of your living space.

The Eames Elliptical Table has a low height of 10”, length of 89” and width of 29.5”. It is a low and elongated birch table on a wired base. The table will be a great pair with sofas having a similarly low height between 10” to 12”.

In the year 1951, the Eames Elliptical Table was designed by Charles and Ray Eames. It is a playful form which is often nicknamed as the ‘surfboard table’ since it has similarities in shape. The tabletop surface is made with a seven-ply birch core with a laminated top and backer and attached to a chrome wire base.

This subtle table will add to the beauty of your living space, making it warmer and homier. The low height of this table makes it easy to fit into any setting – whether it is at home or in the office. At Stin, it is our first priority to provide the best quality service and products to our customers.