March 21, 2021

Eileen Gray E1027 Side Table

by stin

The best furniture to remodel your entire bedroom space is a sturdy and gorgeous side table. The E1027 adjustable side table available at Stin is one of the classic designs. It is a fantastic work and an absolute masterpiece that perfectly fits the cozy bed. 20th-century furniture designs inspire the creation of this elegant piece.

The stainless steel material makes it exceptionally strong, while the tempered glass, designed to hold the food trays, makes it astonishingly beautiful. The tray's adjustable height makes it suitable for all types of uses, be it as a simple side table or to have dinner on the bed.

The geometrical shapes used in the tray's design make it visually appealing, and its robustness makes it hard to break. This side table goes well with any type of bed structure or room, and its design makes it versatile. It can sit beautifully next to any chair.

The Stin version of the E1027 side table looks both modern and stylish. It captures the vintage essence of its era, as designed by Eileen Gray, yet will decorate your room stylishly. The sleek design makes it unique, and both its quality and functionality remain very much true to the core in the Stin version.