January 27, 2018

Experience Fk 90 Table for a Luxury Look

by stin

Some tables are designed to give a stunning décor only. These doesn’t experience with durability and functionality. These works for a limited time only. Fk 90 tables were designed in 1968 by Fabric us and Kastholm. It was designed simply with the top-notch material. It gives a real statement in any room , whether it will be a living room, resting room, conference room, and other special areas. It will your room a simple look along with not complicating the design. It was designed by using four sturdy steel legs and a durable glass table top.

Having a versatile height of 37 cm of Fk 90 table means you can effortlessly use it for commercial and domestic uses. Moreover, it is available in two different sizes and it’s up to you which one suits you the best.

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