November 17, 2017

Experience the Style and Furnish Your Dreams

by stin

A replica of Poul M Volther designed chair, the Corona Chair is the biggest pick of today among the clients. It perfectly shows an unusual blend of technical designing and organic expression. The presence of upholstered shells offers the maximum support to the body and perfect for the spinal cord of the human body. Because of its floating design, this chair appears to be comfortable and smoothly blends with the interior of the place where it is placed.

The offered range is reliable and durable in structure because of the brushed stainless steel structure. An unsurpassed quality of material is used for making of the chair. It is believed that the design inspiration came from the time-lapse photography of lunar eclipses and the corona surrounding it. Thus, it is named as such. Despite of the strong nature, it is very light in structure and perfectly support the back while sitting on it and doing the work.