March 18, 2021

Featherston Sofa

by stin

STIN'S Featherston Sofa is built to the exact specifications as the original, which was one of the most famous designs that ever came out of Australia. STIN'S Featherston Sofa blends all of the functionality and soft comfort of the original 1951 Contour Chair with the dramatic impact and the communality of a sofa.

The Sofa being stretched to almost a meter and a half, large enough to fit at least two people, STIN'S Featherston Sofa is perfect for a stylish mid-century lounge or living room. Simultaneously, the range of elegant and vibrant cashmere colors allows the sofa to fit almost any decor. The Contour Sofa from STIN is a true design legend. The STIN'S Sofa collection of Featherston represents uniqueness, luxury, and ultra durable, high-quality cashmere material to matchup the classic style statement.

First released in 1951, the Contour Sofa was the legendary Aussie's largest and most communal furniture offering at that time. Pair with one or two Contour Chairs, along with the STIN'S Featherston Sofa, to complete the full Grant Featherston living room set. STIN is renowned for offering quality products with ten years guarantee and has a family of 3000000+ happy customers. Visit our website to see or know more about our sofas.