December 15, 2021

Florence Knoll 2 Bench - Fits a Variety of Seating Needs

by stin

The stylish 2-seat stool by Florence Knoll Furniture Design Fleet is architecturally simple perfect for the office and living room. They can be used anywhere in lobbies, museums, and receptions. The Style Bank is available in small and medium-sized versions as a two- or three-seater bench in a variety of colors to complement the living environment. The exposed chrome frame is covered with aviation leather in eight different colors. The bench consists of various individually sewn squares that create a unique and elegant look for the home furnishings. The stylish bench is designed to fit into any room and is one of the most universal designs you can have in your furniture garden. This two-seater bench can be very useful in different areas of the house such as hallways, dressing rooms, and more.