January 17, 2018

Florence Knoll Style Bench 2 Seat - Suitable For Versatile Seating Needs

by stin

Style bench 2 seat from Florence Knoll furniture design fleet is simple architectural that can rest a perfect match for both office space and home interiors. They can be used anywhere in lobbies, museums and reception areas as well.  Style bench is available in both small and medium versions like two, three-seat bench in a wide range of colors to complement home interiors. The exposed chrome plated frame is topped with airline leather in a choice of eight different colors.  The bench is crafted with distinct individually sewn squares presetting a unique classy look to home interiors. Style benches are designed to work with any space and would be one of the versatile designs you can have in your furniture fleet. This 2 seat style bench can be found quite useful in different parts of the home like a hallway, dressing room and much more.