September 17, 2021

George Nelson Bubble Criss Cross Cigar Lamp

by stin

The Nelson Cigar Crisscross Bubble lamp is accessible in two sizes and accompanies a steel ceiling plate and a 6-foot cord to connect it to the ceiling. George Nelson first designed the Bubble Lamps in 1952, when he came across a Swedish hanging lamp that he needed to acquire for his office. He was challenged by the expensive price and chose to make his own. The outcome was a series of essential, elemental, spherical shapes like a rounded apple, a wide saucer, and a shapely pear, among others.

Crisscross pear adds an underlying polish to the exemplary Nelson bubble light shape. Unobtrusive shadows highlight the inner steel outline which gives the light its particular 'crisscross's plan. These exquisite installations are formed from a strong, lightweight steel outline yet have a fragile, skimming quality. Add a touch of softness and luminosity to your interiors with the Nelson Bubble crisscross cigar Lamp.