July 28, 2018

George Nelson inspires the Bubble lamp to make your home glow and add elegance to it

by stin

George Nelson created the Bubble lamp and it became famous as one of his most liked designs. The lamp is available in small and medium sizes and you can choose one according to the requirement of your home. Looking more like a glowing orb the bubble lamp can add glamour to any kind of room. The design with which the lamp has been made is such that it diffuses the light and provides a very warm look to your room. The curved line of the wire stricture which supports the lamp is strong and ensures that the lamp stays without any damage to it. Bubble lamp became popular because Nelson used innovative techniques to make sure its wired structure and plastic shade look interesting. What’s more, the plastic shade used in the bubble lamp is made of special materials which help is giving a subdued light and you can use it in your bedroom for the soft, romantic look.