June 26, 2018

Get a contemporary look with a swan table

by stin

Looking to purchase a table that can turn the entire look of your chairs into a new and captivating? The Swan table is a perfect substitute to cater to this need. Being a replica of Arne Jacobsen's Swan Table, it is highly versatile and compact and perfectly fits in the areas like a waiting room, sitting room, lobbies, living room, balconies etc. In simple word, this creation of Arne Jacobsen is perfect for cafes, canteens, and other eating places. Let’s have some features of the versatile table:

  • Designed and made from a perfect circle of wood, hand-painted black or in a walnut veneer finish
  • Have an ideal size and height for a sociable cup of coffee or newspaper break
  • Beautifully designed with rustic or contemporary themes

Moreover, the base of a swan table is being designed with stainless steel means maximum weight can be bear by it without any worrying. Hence, it’s time to buy a new stylish collection in terms of swan table from www.www.stin.com to experience a good discount over other providers.