January 4, 2018

Get Contemporary Elegance through Panton’s Chair

by stin

Looking to get a comfortable chair that could adjust at any place? Panton’s chair is the best solution as it fits all places. It is made of a single material. It has a strong and flexible polypropylene that is easy to clean. It is a plastic chair mostly has an S shape. You can use it for bathrooms, kitchens, galleries, shops, schools, hospitals, offices, sun porches, beach houses, clinic’s, and other places. In brief, it can be used for the residential as well for commercial purposes. The material used to create it is of the top-notch quality so you don’t worry about its breakage or damages. What more features one can expect in Panton’s chair?

  • Polished stainless steel frame
  • Ergonomic seat and backrest
  • Available in distinct colors and shapes
  • Also available in an all wooden version, comprising walnut and oak
  • Ergonomically comfortable and impressive design