November 29, 2017

Get Cuddle Up In This Comfortable Sofa

by stin

The beautiful and small two seater sofa is the original idea of Finn Juhl and renowned for its craftsmanship. The graceful yet comfortable sofa is the most popular piece of furniture right now and the versatile designs attract the consumers over the worldwide. Curled up on this sofa with style and refine your senses by filling relaxed. Each part of the sofa is handmade and comprises of solid wood frame and fiberglass core. The cashmere upholstery and button detailing add the extra sophistication to the sofa.

Two people can easily sit over it and enjoy some chit-chat o sip of a coffee. Juhl was a true sensualist and know how to make the sofa comfortable even when there is room for two. At this present time, the presented sofa exhibit Danish cultural history and the perfect combination of modernism make this sofa a perfect addition to the living room. Feel the royalty by bringing this sofa to your home.