January 19, 2018

Get Dramatic Accent through the Eames Elliptical Coffee Table

by stin

Seeking to get a table that gives a dramatic accent to your sitting area? The Eames elliptical coffee table is a perfect substitute. It is also referred as Surfboard table as it has a long shape with curved edges. As equipped with unique and broad size, it perfectly fits in the areas like a Drawing room, sitting room, lobbies, living room, reception area, waiting room, executive lounge, and other big areas.

The Eames elliptical coffee table is mostly finished with a white or black laminate which makes the table durable and beautiful. Furthermore, it is designed by using the wire rod base having zinc plated. You can make it more beautiful by decorating a flower vase, magazines, novels, mid-century kitsch, and other antique material.

Now it’s time to say goodbye to your ordinary table placed in the centre of your long shaped sofas into the Eames elliptical coffee table.